A project about tidying in the garden. My ideation phase led me into 2 projects; 1 main project, The Compot and one that I did like a side project, The Apple sock.
Composting is a very environmental friendly way to tidy in your garden. 30% of the garbage you throw away every day can be composted so composting is an easy way to reduce your waste. My goal with this project was to encourage and make it easier for people to use a compost.

The Compot consists of two bigger pieces, the outer shape and the inner divider. The divider have air holes and with a small hatch at the bottom you can regulate how much air to let in. The divider makes it possible to have 2 composts working at the same time, sharing the heat. The leaning inside bottom and the angle of the Compot makes it easier to empty. The material is a mixture between terra-cotta and plastic. It has the appearance of terra-cotta but is a much lighter and sustainable material.