A mission to Mars provides that the crew is disciplined, independent and takes a big responsibility for their own situation up in space. The astronauts are put in situations where there are a lot of stressors that are affecting them which in the end affects their performance. Mood changes, boredom and monotony, stress, restricted social contact are all things that can lead to bad conditions such as increased fatigue.
We saw a need of a system that could help the astronauts to be aware of their mental status and to keep a high level of health. This would keep a steady performance and safety. Sensvibe consists of a personal device and a system. The device contains sensors that measures the physiological stress factors. This data is collected in the system and displays an overview of the astronauts health status to help them prevent fatigue and understand when to take action.

In collaboration with Jonna Backman and Karin Hartman (2008).